Why Is Thorough Clean-Up of Nashua Municipal Fire Department Gear After Use Vital?

The Efficient and Effective Esporta Wash System Protects Nashua Firefighters from Repeated Exposure to Hidden Toxins

The professionals who choose a career in firefighting understand the many risks in their chosen field. Heat, flames, oxygen deprivation, overhead and underfoot structural failure and debris can result in injury or worse. Unfortunately, hidden hazards with which these hard-working professionals unknowingly contend also have potentially long-term health effects, research identifying the possibility of chronic illnesses and life-threatening conditions, including cancers. 

What Else Causes Exposure to Severe Health Consequences for Firefighters?

As fires in Nashua consume building materials, chemical changes in these structural components occur from the heat, the fluctuating levels of oxygen, the presence of fireproofing compounds, and the use of suppression and extinguishing products to quell the fire. Medical research demonstrates a link between skin contact and inhalation of these toxic substances and a host of alarming and debilitating conditions. 

How Is Fire Breakout Gear Associated with the Heightened Risk of Concerning Health Conditions? 

The multitude of toxic chemicals and residues created during a fire rains down on the firefighters’ gear during the fight to halt the damage. When the equipment is new and untainted, it does its job and protects the crew. Health risks arise when the gear is stored for the next fire call without thorough cleaning. Hazardous substances dislodge and become airborne as firefighters pull on the contaminated gear, and dangerous residues rub off each responder’s skin. The longer and more often the personal protective equipment (PPE) is reused without cleaning and disinfecting, the more exposure the firefighters endure. 

What Technology Exists to Clean Firefighting Gear?

Certified Fabric Restoration of New England (CFRNE) offers municipal fire departments the cutting edge Esporta Wash System. Our patented equipment and proprietary detergents: 

  • Remove ground-in soils and eliminate flammable residues
  • Maintain reflectivity and color of gear, and avoid abrasion and wear during the wash cycle
  • Do not alter thermal protection of materials
  • Clean a broad variety of other PPE, including but not limited to:
    • Boots
    • Helmets
    • Backpacks
    • Ropes and tie-downs
    • Respirator components

The innovative cleaning capabilities of Certified Fabric Restoration of New England’s Esporta Wash System allows first responders to reuse municipal firefighting gear without the fear of contact with toxic chemicals remaining on PPE. Call 603-943-7153 us to schedule a consultation to improve the working conditions for your dedicated fire crews.

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