Why Do Smoke Odors Linger in Clothing, Linens, and Upholstered Furnishings?

A household fire can wreak havoc with the contents of your Merrimack home. Heat and charring are problems, but the most challenging after-effect is a persistent smoky odor. Other circumstances contribute to the tenacious hold of a strong smoky smell in soft items. When no destructive house fire is involved, you can find yourself wondering why your possessions have such a malodor. In either case, what is an effective smoke odor elimination solution?

Can Outerwear and Backyard Furnishings Suffer from Fire Pit Smoke Odors?

More homeowners today than ever focus on lengthening the outdoor social season with a crackling backyard fire. Maybe you have a customized outdoor fireplace, or perhaps you use a simple ringed enclosure for kindling a warm glow. Clothing and footwear worn while gathering around the bonfire can absorb smoke odor requiring removal, and Merrimack residents have a unique resource to provide this service.

Why Are Smoky Smells So Efficient at Invading Soft Objects?

Smoke consists of gases and vapors, and it also carries particles of incompletely combusted carbon-based materials like the wood and brush you might burn in the backyard. These bits are tiny and are commonly called soot. When viewed through magnifying glasses or a microscope, soot particles are rough-edged and cling and grab onto the fibers in clothing and the seams in shoes and boots. They also burrow their way into padded cushions. The soot carries the smoke compounds that cause odors deeply into organic fibers, leathers, and synthetics. Simply airing out or brushing cannot remove the soot and its annoying accompanying smells.

Do Typical Washing Strategies Clean Smoke Smelling Soft Items Adequately? 

You can try to get the soot and smoke odors out of clothing using conventional washing methods. Unfortunately, this method fails in many cases because:

  • The agitation of a traditional washing machine rubs materials together, exacerbating the situation by forcing the soot particles even deeper into the clothing.
  • As the jagged-edged soot particles infiltrate the textiles, they abrade the materials, weakening the materials and even causing tears.
  • Standard washing machines cannot handle large, rigid, and oddly shaped items like outdoor cushions, shoes, and boots.  

How Do Experts Remove Smoke Odor-Bearing Soot from Soft Materials?

The Esporta Washing System employed by Certified Fabric Restoration of New England (CFRNE) is the answer to lingering fire pit smoke odors. Our certified technicians secure everything from hats and jackets to boots and shoes in the machine’s capacious cages. Cushions, throws, and windbreaks like canvas tarps also find a safe place for Esporta’s unique cleaning experience. Computerized protocols set the type and amount of proprietary detergent, and select the proper cycle length. The wash procedure differs from agitation as follows:

  • The water and detergent pulse through the materials using hydraulic pressure to persistently push the entangled soot particles out of the web of fibers.
  • As the soot loosens, it eventually rinses away without twisting or rubbing, preventing delicate textile damage.
  • Hydraulic pressure seeks the soot deeply embedded in seams and crevices, moving the bits until they are free of the confined spaces, like rivers or waves pushing grains of sand far from their original resting places.

Merrimack residents need not give up the fun and fellowship of an outdoor bonfire with Certified Fabric Restoration of New England (CFRNE) ready to call the Esporta into action. Contact us at  603-943-7153 for an evaluation of smoke odor-laden clothing and furnishings.