Where Can I Turn When Smoke Damaged My Entire Wardrobe in Nashua?

Certified Fabric Restoration of New England (CFRNE) Has the Answer to Soiled and Smoky Smelling Clothing — Our Nashua-based Esporta Wash System

After a fire, the intensity of smoke odors and tenacity of soot soiling in a family’s clothing could come as a shock. The equipment you relied upon in the past to remove tough stains and everyday dirt and grime is not up to the task. Often the residues, heat, and flames from the fire also damage household appliances like washers and dryers, making them unavailable for your use.

Should I Throw Fire Damaged Clothing Away?

You want what is best for your loved ones, and if a smoke damaged wardrobe means Nashua families worry about the safety of wearing their clothing and accessories, we are prepared to help. The stress and disruption of coping with the aftermath of fire are hard enough without concerns about the toxins and odors carried in fabrics and other materials surrounding your skin. Replacing a family’s entire wardrobe is prohibitively expensive and emotionally upsetting. Let us show you another answer.

How Do Traditional Washers Work?

Conventional laundry equipment uses outmoded actions to clean dirt and smells from clothing. Agitation squeezes and rubs the clothing, grinding the sharp-edged soot particles deeper into the fabric. Warmer to hot water might be required, shrinking some items and setting in stains. Harsh cleaning agents fail to remove the odors, although they might mask the smell for a time. The items safely washed are limited to fabrics, meaning other wardrobe articles such as shoes, bags, belts, and hats cannot receive cleaning.  

Does the Esporta System Clean Differently?

The Esporta Wash System employs hydraulic pressure to force water and precisely selected detergents through soft items, removing debris entirely rather than embedding them further. Cold or cool water and propriety detergents achieve the desired results without causing additional wear or damage to clothing or other wearable articles. Once the cycle completes, at least 90 percent of the items attain food-grade clean, regardless of the initial level of damage.  

At Certified Fabric Restoration of New England (CFRNE), we invest in leading-edge Esporta technology to restore your whole family’s wardrobe after significant smoke and soot damage. Enjoy completely clean and odor-free clothing with just one call to 603-943-7153.

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