What Is the Solution for Marlborough Sports Teams Seeking Bulk Cleaning and Restoration of Sports Gear?

Marlborough Equipment Managers Rely on Certified Fabric Restoration of New England (CFRNE) and the Innovative Esporta Wash System to Get the Smell Out of a Locker Room-full of Shoulder Pads

Whether you are a Marlborough parent of a brood of budding athletic stars or in charge of keeping a youth, school, or adult league team looking sharp and fresh, cleaning and disinfecting multiple pieces of protective gear is a challenge. Items like shoulder and elbow pads and shin guards are stiff and awkwardly shaped, often impossible to fix into conventional laundry equipment. Attempts to hand wash sports equipment is time-consuming and ultimately ineffective, especially when multiple sets of pads and guards need treatment.

Is Odor Suppression Enough When Managing the Stench from Athletic Gear?

As the New England Sports Center’s home, North America’s largest sports facility supporting public skating, hockey, and figure skating, it comes as little surprise that residents of Marlborough need bulk clothing restoration services. Hockey protective gear is notorious for overpowering smells. It can be tempting to douse the items with consumer deodorizers. The malodors caused by microbial growth due to sweat and other bodily fluids require deep cleaning leading to eradication of the contaminants, not just a cover-up. If the bacteria and other pathogens remain embedded in the padding, the smell recurs, and even more importantly, the risk of player infection from the microbial infestation rises.

Have Advances in Cleaning Technology Created Options for Sports Equipment Restoration?

Certified Fabric Restoration of New England (CFRNE) invested in the innovative Esporta Wash System to eliminate the infectious agents that cause the stench in your players’ bags. Machine washing reimaged and improved are the hallmarks of the Esporta system. The benefits of the multi-compartment equipment are impressive:

  • Capacious washing compartments accommodate large items.
  • Each cage can hold several items, depending on the size of each.
  • Gear is secured to avoid damage from abrasion.
  • Computerized selections of wash cycles, water temperature, and types and quantities of propriety detergents ensure optimum results, even when the machine is loaded to capacity.

Why Does the Esporta Wash System Work Better than Other Cleaning Approaches?

The Esporta benefits listed above depend on the patented hydraulic pressure created by the machine. A washing machine or hand-washing container grinds shoulder pads and other gear together in a cramped, stagnant tub of water. The dirt and microbes are reintroduced into the padding continuously. Esporta technology instead pulses the water and carefully chosen detergent through and then out of the gear repeatedly. Soils and microbes eventually loosen and leave the articles secured in each cage, repeatedly rinsed, and finally removed from the materials. Esporta is proud to provide your players with a lineup of shoulder pads and other items restored to food-grade standard — safe, clean, and odor-free.

Keeping up with cleaning and disinfection of bulk sports gear is a core service of Certified Fabric Restoration of New England (CFRNE). Call 603-943-7153 for an evaluation of your family or team’s needs.