What Is the Best Process for Industrial PPE Cleaning in Marlborough?

When worktime safety is job one, the Esporta Wash System delivers

Many professions and industries in the Marlborough area require the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), sometimes because of internal business policy and other times because of local, state, or federal mandates and best practices. New, well-maintained, and clean PPE safeguards individuals who have no choice but to work in hazardous conditions. 

Who Determines Which Industries’ Workers Require PPE?

OSHA promulgates PPE standards for general industry, maritime, and construction workforces. The OSHA standards enumerate that many PPE categories meet or establish equivalence to standards developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). No matter how careful an employer is to obtain proper PPE for its employees and how faithful the workers are to wear the equipment under hazardous conditions, cleaning options or barriers can upend the PPE’s efficacy.

What Kind of Industrial PPE Needs Cleaning and Maintenance to Renew Its Protective Features?

If a company does not emphasize cleaning and disinfection of non-disposable PPE, the equipment swiftly loses its ability to protect. The residues deposited on the PPE during use become a threat to the employees depending on it to keep them safe. All types of PPE can contribute to increased risk, including but not limited to:

Eye and Face Protection

  • Safety glasses
  • Chemical splash and impact goggles
  • Face shields

Hand Protection

  • Gloves of various types, including heavy-duty fire and chemical resistant models

Body Protection

  • Lab coats
  • Full bodysuits 
  • Fireproof and chemical resistant jackets, pants

Foot Protection

  • Lightweight covers 
  • Boots and shoes
  • Steel-toed boots

Respiratory Protection

  • Including reusable products such as respirators


Body Shields 

Ear Protection

How Can Certified Fabric Restoration of New England (CFRNE) Help Clean and Maintain PPE?

Marlborough industrial PPE cleaning and disinfection is a cornerstone service of CFRNE, illustrating the unique resource our Esporta Wash System brings to the community. 

Conventional washing machines, even with large capacity drums, are not up to the challenge:

  • Many PPE items are too bulky for either front or top-loading machines.
  • The unique combinations of materials used in PPE construction can break apart and interfere with traditional washing machine agitation action.
  • Soaking and twisting dirty materials grinds grime, toxic residues, and infectious waste deeply into PPE, exacerbating the problematic soiling.

Our Esporta cleans and disinfects using hydraulic pressure instead of agitation and soaking:

  • Large cages hold items of all sizes and shapes securely.
  • Our certified technicians select appropriate proprietary detergents and washing cycles in tandem with our computerized system, personalizing each load.
  • The water and detergent solution flows through the PPE, repeatedly using water pressure and the emulsifying and dissolving additives to loosen the contaminants until they rinse entirely out of the PPE.

Ensure that the personal protective equipment used in your industry keeps your employees safe and not at higher risk. Call 603-943-7153 and ask for an evaluation of your PPE cleaning needs at Certified Fabric Restoration of New England (CFRNE).