Should I Toss Out Wet Pillows And Throws from My Rain-Damaged Porch in Concord?

Certified Fabric Restoration of New England (CFRNE) Employs the Unique Esporta Wash System, Saving Textiles After Water Damage in Your Concord Home

A three-season porch is an affordable luxury for Concord families. Furnished with comfortable furniture, piled high with pillows and cushions, everyone has a favorite space to read, work, daydream, or snuggle. Blankets and throws make the space homey even on a chilly morning, in early spring, and later in the fall. 

What Happens When Your Porch Takes a Pummeling from Persistent Precipitation?

Enclosed, but with windows and doors that open to the outdoors, a porch protects from all but the coldest weather and can create a risk for water damaged textiles in Concord. If a hard rain or early snow blows through the screens, soft and padded articles of many kinds can soak up the water and sleet. Because life is busy, you might not check out the porch until significant damage takes hold. Dirt and grime embed deeply, and with the addition of water damage, you confront a muddy and stained mess. Malodors pervade, especially if mold gets a grip in the short 24 to 48-hour window needed for spores to begin growth.

Is There an Answer for Water Damaged Textiles?

Traditional washing machines fall short in their response to water damaged textiles for several reasons:

  • Bulky and odd-shaped upholstered pillows, cushions, bolsters, and more do not fit well inside either a front or top-loading machine.
  • Padded textiles prove challenging when the dirt and water damage goes deep inside because an agitation-powered machine focuses on surfaces.
  • Rinsing out the dirt and contaminants absorbed into soft items during water damage is incomplete, again because the action of conventional equipment is to soak and agitate, not to move cleansing fluids throughout the articles.
  • Agitation is incredibly harmful to textile articles, rubbing the fabric fibers repeatedly against each other, with added abrasion from the gritty dirt that soils them.

How  Does CFRNE’s Equipment Make the Difference?

Our Esporta Wash System takes a different approach. The machine can secure even large and oddly shaped items, using the power of hydraulic pressure to remove soiling and odors rather than a mechanical scrubbing motion. Over and over, the specially formulated detergent and water solution passes entirely through the textile objects, eventually removing the offending dirt, mold, and odors. After the Esporta treatment, your textiles pass the food grade clean test.

Lounging on your porch on your comfy cushions, wrapped in a soft and cozy throw, is a reality again after Certified Fabric Restoration of New England (CFRNE) runs water-damaged textiles through the innovative Esporta Wash System. Give us a call at  603-943-7153 to return the clean and fresh ambiance to your favorite family space.