Restore Fabric, Textiles and Clothing after a Flood or Fire

Certified Fabric Restoration Of New England - We clean and restore your bulk water damaged textiles, fabric or sports equipment to like-new conditions.

Clothing Destroyed by Water Damage Can Be Restored

Restoring garments from your wardrobe and other contents damaged by the effects of a flood can be professionally cleaned to almost a like new condition. Damage can include, mold and mildew damaged material to colors becoming faded or otherwise altered within a particular article of clothing, dye transfer (bleeding) between articles, and the distortion of fabric that causes it to become rough and/or twisted. The key to successful contents restoration after a flood is that the situation be responded to and dealt with immediately. The longer items are left soaked in water, the greater the likelihood that the damage will render the items non-restorable.

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What types of soft contents and fabrics can be restored from a flood-damaged property?

Bulk Laundry

Household Goods

What do you do with all the clothes that were damaged from water, flood, or mold?

In most cases, our textile restoration specialists can successfully revive items such as: furniture, Clothes, draperies and linens along with other textiles.

We understand that belongings are more than a collection of “things.” These are the items that create a home. Our restoration process can restore nearly any textile and electronic item. We have experience in restoring a wide range of textile and fabric to its pre-loss condition. As a fabric restoration company, we understand what’s most important to you – fast service, specialized care, and accurate results. The process gives adjusters and policyholders more value by covering a wide range of clothing and household textiles. With a strong network of facilities and specialists across the country, are able to tackle any size claim.

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Visit us for your clothing textile and soft contents cleaning after a fire or water damage. Have your wardrobe, textiles, and other fabrics restored after flood, fire, or mold. Refresh and restoration of your luxury fabrics. Insurance does pay for clothing restoration after most fires and floods.