Removing Smoke and Fire Damage from Carpeting in Concord Homes

Cleaning damaged textiles in your Concord home after a fire can be a considerable obstacle for property owners. Even many restoration companies lack the appropriate equipment and experienced technicians to oversee this type of cleaning that your house requires. Many throughout the northeast have come to know and appreciate the work that we do and the hands-on experience of our Certified Fabric Restoration of New England technicians. 

Carpeting is among the most compromised of fire-damaged textiles in Concord homes after a disaster, primarily because so much soot and smoke residues come to rest on this fabric surface. The presence of residues can damage carpeted flooring in several ways. The faster that surface coatings and odors can get eliminated, the less likely that the flooring becomes too ruined to protect. We have several strategies to overcome the pressing concerns in these situations.

Pretesting and Cleaning 

As with any chemical solvents and cleaning practices used in other areas of restoration and recovery after a fire, removing smoke damage residues from fibers involves a carefully considered approach. We pre-test on small areas of the carpet to determine the ultimate successes of our hot water extraction and other restorative practices. Once confirmed, we implement the surface cleaning of these flooring materials to recover:

  • Appearance
  • Feel of Fibers
  • Color Vibrancy

Eliminating Odors Trapped in the Carpet

Odor elimination is a significant hurdle of fire restoration and textile cleaning. Porous materials, such as carpets, fabrics, drapes, and more, can contend with trapped odors once extinguishment completes. The best way to address these concerns is with a gaseous approach when deodorizing compounds get broken down into mists and vapors. These products penetrate affected textiles to neutralize trapped scents.

Fires can damage countless contents and structural surfaces throughout your property. However, our Certified Fabric Restoration of New England team can help with direct solutions for smoke residue removal and deodorization. No matter how our trusted professionals can help after a fire loss, we are available anytime that you need us by calling (603) 943-7153.