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Certified Fabric Restoration of New England Works With These Industries to Bring Textiles, Fabrics, Sports Equipment and Fire Fighter Gear Back to Life.

Textiles and Soft Contents Restored Using The Best Equipment

Our business utilizes the Esporta Wash System for all textile and soft contents cleaning after a fire or water damage. This technology is more thorough than traditional laundering, with the capability of cleaning to food-grade level. This means that you no longer have to throw away clothing, linens, or stuffed animals after these items are damaged. In the past, this level of cleaning was simply not attainable. With Esporta technology, textiles and soft contents can be fully restored to their pre-disaster condition and any concerns about bacteria are eliminated.

Contents Cleaning  and Restoration Reimagined

Because customer satisfaction and peace of mind are of the utmost importance, Certified Fabric Restoration of NE  invested in a cutting edge cleaning technology system. Unique among restoration equipment, the patented soft item cleaning system can deliver reliable results. The Esporta iS4000 removes pathogens, odor, soot, grime, mold, biohazards, and mildew, restoring over 90% of the soft contents found in a home. Rather than the agitation of a conventional washing machine, it utilizes patented Hydraulic Action. Items are held in place and rotated through a proprietary detergent and water cycle. For cleaning and sanitizing fabrics, drapes, and even Teddy–we can provide solutions to restore your possessions. Consider this: many Fire Departments come to us to clean their BreakOut Gear (firefighters’ outer protective clothing.) Our service provides extended use for this expensive equipment.

More than just cleaning clothes and blankets...

Fire and water damaged soft contents include homeowners clothing, bedding and linens, stuffed animals, shoes, hats, belts, purses, leather and furs, plus, a full range of sports equipment; helmets, pads, rollerblades, skates and ski boots. Even ceramic dolls can be safely and effectively cleaned by our Esporta iS4000 machine.

What do you with all the clothes that were damaged from water, flood or mold?

In most cases, our textile restoration specialists can successfully revive items such as: furniture, Clothes, draperies and linens along with other textiles. We understand that belongings are more than a collection of “things.” These are the items that create a home. Our restoration process can restore nearly any textile and electronic item. This interactive house demonstrates the wide range of items we have successfully restored to pre-loss condition. As a restoration company, we understand what’s most important to you – fast service, specialized care, and accurate results. The process gives adjusters and policyholders more value by covering a wide range of clothing and household textiles. With a strong network of facilities and specialists across the country, are able to tackle any size claim.