Is There Any Hope to Get the Staining and Odor Out of Moldy Clothing Found in a Forgotten Suitcase in My Concord Home?

Conquer An Unanticipated Duffle Bag Challenge Full of Mold Damaged Vacation Swimwear and Towels in Concord with the Help of Certified Fabric Restoration of New England (CFRNE) and the Esporta Wash System  

The family trip to the beach was weeks ago, yet you just now discover a bag in the laundry room in Concord with swimming suits and towels, musty and moldy. An easy fix might be to toss the lot into the trash, but we offer an alternative that saves both money and memories. Give us a chance to demonstrate how we use innovative technology to transform filthy, mold infiltrated soft textiles into a neatly folded pile of beach essentials your family cannot believe were in that smelly bag.

How Does Mold Gain a Hold on Wet Clothing?

When the spores of fungi find a source of moisture like that provided by wet swim gear, mold-damaged clothing in your Concord laundry room corner is the result within just a few days. The spores begin multiplying, and the organic materials of damp beach towels and swimwear give them preferred surfaces upon which to proliferate. Molds are organisms composed of hyphae, root-like filaments that burrow deeply into the fibers, so after a few days or weeks, the infestation is a tangled mess literally inside your clothes.

Will Conventional Washing Methods Clean Mold Damaged Clothing Sufficiently?

By the time you uncover the moldy clothing, the fabric is rank and stained. You can try to throw it into the washing machine, but regular laundry detergent cannot remove the stains without an additive like bleach. Your family’s brightly colored swimming attire and the fun towels they laid out on the sand cannot withstand the onslaught of harsh detergents and bleach without fading. The agitation of a typical washing machine contributes to the weakening and deterioration of fibers, and you can count on a whiff of that musty, mold smell even after drying.

What Does Esporta Change Versus Traditional Systems to Save Your Moldy Clothing?

The unique configuration of the Esporta Wash System equipment used by Certified Fabric Restoration of New England (CFRNE) patiently pulses dirt, contaminants like molds, and smells out of clothing. Each basket holds its load secure, permitting the hydraulic pressure and the proprietary detergents to wash thoroughly through the clothing gently yet repeatedly. The computer-aided wash programming ensures the cleaning solution forced through the textiles is the appropriate mix rinsed through the optimum number of times to release even deeply imbedded soiling and mold particles. As the dirt and bits of mold loosen and wash away, the odor they carry also leaves the articles.

Concord beach-lovers can claim their favorite swimsuits and towels for the next vacation when Certified Fabric Restoration of New England (CFRNE) delivers a food-grade clean. Contact us at  603-943-7153 to see what we recommend.