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Is There a Safe and Effective Way to Remove Smoke Odor from My Possessions in Nashua?

Certified Fabric Restoration of New England (CFRNE) in Nashua Employs the Unique Esporta Washing System to Remove Smoke Odors from Your Household Goods and Personal Possession

When your home suffers a fire, everything inside is fair game for damage from the corrosive soils and horrific stenches. Many building materials can endure aggressive cleaning or can be removed, repaired, and replaced, eventually returning your interior to pre-loss condition, free of soot and malodors. Soft contents, including clothing, footwear, sports equipment, accessories, linens, and toys, offer more of a challenge. 

Do Smoke and Odor Damaged Objects Pose Health Hazards?

The textiles and other soft articles needing smoke odor removal in your Nashua residence are often intimate items, worn close to the skin, slept or sat upon, played or worked with, and, in the case of toys, napkins, handkerchiefs, scarves, and masks, placed near or in the mouth. Toxic gasses, acidic residues, and odor-bearing and sharp, abrasive particles infiltrate the fibers of these possessions during fire damage. Cleaning and deodorizing of these items must be thorough, achieving a standard that gives absolute peace of mind when reusing these articles.

How Does the Esporta System Differ from Other Deodorizing and Cleaning Methods?

Is Agitation Preferred?

Agitation, which is the method employed by other laundry systems, drives the rough-edged soot more deeply into the fabrics, much of the tiny bits still there after “cleaning” to affect skin through daily contact. Hotter water and harsh cleaning agents damage the materials without the guarantee of “food grade clean” our innovative technology offers. 

Why Is Hydraulic Pressure Better?

Esporta’s patented hydraulic pressure action is both more thorough and safer than conventional methods. It permits the certified technicians at Certified Fabric Restoration of New England (CFRNE) to remove the soot particles that carry the odors nearly completely from textiles. Our proprietary detergents are gentle and safe enough for a baby’s blanket. Leathers, and other composite and multiple-material articles also benefit from the persistent rinse-through process, widening the range of soft contents we can clean and deodorize.

What Is Physical Deodorization?

Deodorization using Esporta occurs because the malodorous soil is gone. Traditional laundering attack smells with strongly scented masking agents that usually disappoint because they merely cover up odors with another unwanted smell. Hazardous chemical residues can linger using conventional methods. 

You and your family deserve the return of clean, odor-free, safe, and functional possessions after smoke damage offered by the innovative Esporta Wash System. Check into how we can help by calling Certified Fabric Restoration of New England at (603) 943-7153.

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