Is Mold Damaged Clothing in Marlborough Destined for the Dumpster?

CFRNE Uses the Esporta Wash System to Restore Moldy Fabrics Safely to Function and Appearance

Marlborough homeowners know the dread of stumbling over a forgotten sports bag or discovering a pile of wet belongings hidden under a bed or in a closet while cleaning. The smell is unmistakable, sharp, and musty. Bits of the hyphae that make up mold organisms are visible on the clothes, and staining in colors from black through the rainbow to white signals the mold has a hold difficult to extricate on the fabrics.   

Is the Safe Course to Discard the Moldy Clothing?

When you confront mold damaged clothing in Marlborough, you fear the effects of the microbial infestation. If you have members of your family who are allergic or sensitive to mold spores or mold byproduct toxins, a decision to err on the side of caution by throwing the items away is understandable. The tight budgets of most households make this a tough choice, but your family’s health must take precedence.

How Does the Esporta Wash System Improve Outcomes for Mold Damage Clothes?

Unlike conventional laundering techniques that attempt to rid clothing of mold through harsh additives like bleach, Certified Fabric Restoration of New England (CFRNE) uses the innovative Esporta machine to extricate the mold organisms:

  • Proprietary detergents dissolve and emulsify the dirt and sweat that fed the molds. 
  • The research-based balance of water and detergents help loosen the mold particles, which can be intertwined in the fibers.
  • Hydraulic pressure, the constant movement of the liquid, water-based detergent solution through the fibers and weave of the clothing, eventually breaks the bond between the mold hyphae and the textiles.
  • Continual progression of the clothing cycles using the hydraulic pressure to clean and then rinse thoroughly with clean water eliminates the mold,  drained away from the clothes in the Esporta with the wastewater.
  • Avoidance of bleaching agents and agitation prevents color loss and breakdown of fibers seen in traditional washing machines.

Can Customers Depend on the Esporta System?

Certified Esporta operators at CFRNE are highly-trained to provide you with clothing that is food-grade clean. Your previously mold damaged clothing is clear of all mold and its hazards, fresh, clean, and sanitary. 
Certified Fabric Restoration of New England (CFNE) can save your clothing and their replacement costs with the unique Esporta Wash System. Call us for a consultation at (603) 943-7153.