How Can Smoke Odor Removal Save Textiles in Nashua Homes?

Space Heater Fires Cause Malodors — CFRNE’s Esporta Can Help

As the wintery weather continues, many Nashua families turn to space heaters to keep chilly corners a bit cozier. Although the heat is welcome, space heaters present hazards, especially when operated near fabrics. Pets and children can trip over the unit’s cord, igniting nearby window coverings, linens, and clothing. Permitting a space heater to run unattended can risk overheating, resulting in scorching and eventual blazes. If extension cords are present, the additional wiring adds to the hazard, sparking or melting under the heavy load posed by space heaters. 

What Can Remove Smoke Smells After a Space Heater Fire?

Even if you quell the fire, scorched household articles and possessions create smoke odor removal challenges in Nashua. Soft items might seem untouched by the fire yet still become unusable because of the horrible stench intertwined throughout their fibers. Before you make the costly and sometimes heartbreaking decision to discard articles because of the smell, consider consulting with the team at Certified Fabric Restoration of New England (CFRNE).

Why Do Conventional Washing Machines Fail at Removing Smoke Odors?

More barriers than you imagine raise when trying to eliminate smoke smells from your personal property and home decor. Soft items are often:

  • Bulky — cushions, draperies, rugs
  • Fashioned out of a range of materials — leather, plastic, rubber, metals combined with organic and synthetic fibers
  • Delicate — lace, lightweight clothing, handknit, crocheted, and woven articles 
  • Robust — padded and multilayered items and clothing like coats and jackets 

Conventional washing machines cannot comfortably load some items. They use an agitation action that abrades the surface and weave of textiles. The smoke odors hitch a ride on soot particles that are tiny but sharp-edged, grasping the fibers and sawing through them. Despite the washer’s efforts, soot remains embedded and continues to make clothing and other textiles smell unpleasant.

How Does CFRNE’s Esporta Wash System Compare with Traditional Smoke Odor Remediation Options?

CFRNE’s Esporta wash system approaches smoke smell eradication in a wholly different way. The wash cycles are selected by a computerized system and executed by certified technicians:

  • Items secure in large cages, held in place rather than twisting and turning.
  • Proprietary detergents mix with pure water based on research-driven best practices. 
  • Smell-holding soils are loosened and washed out with a repetitive wave-like action known as hydraulic pressure — gentle but effective in removing the smelly particles.
  • Masking smells with overpowering perfumes instead of ridding your property of soot and dirt is not an Esporta strategy.

You want to put the space heater accident in the past without buying a new wardrobe or home decor. Call Certified Fabric Restoration of New England (CFRNE) at 603-943-7153 to determine the best options available using the Esporta wash system.