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Esporta Technology’s Success: Cleaning and Restoration of Fabrics Exposed to Contagions in Nashua

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Decontamination of fabrics and other soft items in Nashua is now achievable by using the leading-edge technology of the Esporta Wash System. Our decision to invest in this innovative and programmable machinery permits our textile restoration technicians to leverage a completely different and more effective way of cleaning and disinfecting. The highly-specialized equipment removes odors, soiling, and pathogenic microbes from a wide range of soft belongings, including clothing, linens, bedding, uniforms, toys, and more.

A System Capable of Taking on Infectious Diseases

Fabric restoration in Nashua has a true champion in the Esporta Wash System, able to extract soiling, residues, and hazardous microorganisms without damage to the underlying materials. The wash process is unique when contrasted with the agitative or tumbling action of most conventional laundering machines. Articles are secured in cages, prevented from moving and abrading against other materials or the components of the machine during washing. Movement of the circular configuration of cages through detergents and water creates powerful hydraulic pressure, forcing dirt and pathogens out of the articles inserted. 

Coordinated Series of Detergent and Sanitizers

Certified Fabric Restoration of New England uses the Esporta Wash System, programming a series of proprietary products and targeted cycles, to ensure superior removal of biological contaminants and textiles. Detergents and sanitizing agents work in turn to restore fabrics to the USDA food grade standard. 

Stage One — the Esporta adds an emulsifying detergent, intended to deodorize, loosen and suspend organic matter, and disrupt the sheath enclosing microorganisms.

Stage Two — the second detergent breaks down inorganic materials to be powered away by the hydraulic action.

Stage Three — the final product mixed into solution is a  hydrogen peroxide-based (H2O2) sanitizer, killing the now-sheathless microorganisms on contact.

Clean, Fresh, and Decontaminated

Once the certified Esporta technicians from Certified Fabric Restoration of New England program the machine and allow it to run through its cycles, your fabric-constructed items are clean and sanitized. We are excited to deliver high-quality results even under challenging conditions. 

Certified Fabric Restoration of New England stands ready to take on your toughest, most concerning soiling and pathogenic contamination. Call us at 603-943-7153 for an evaluation and to discuss your options.

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