Does Soft Contents Restoration in Concord Need Special Equipment?

Limit replacement expense with CFRNE’s Esporta Wash System

No matter what causes damage to the soft contents of your Concord home, the cost and disruption of throwing out items for new replacements is prohibitive. Fire, water, or microbial growth exposes your household goods, furnishings, and personal possessions to one or more of the following: 

  • Ordinary soiling
  • Toxic residues
  • Malodors
  • Infectious waste
  • Fiber breakdown

What Causes the Damage to Soft Items?

Often Concord residents seek soft contents restoration after disasters like flooding and fires. Be aware that multiple types of damage is possible even if no discernable event occurs. For example, the habit of leaving wet outerwear in an enclosed closet, failure to air out sports attire and equipment, or a lag in laundry completion can result in musty smells. Unnoticed spills or pet accidents and deferred maintenance from one end of the house to the other confronts homeowners with dingy and odiferous cushions, throws, and rugs. Cooking odors or wood smoke from a stove or fireplace also infiltrate soft items throughout the home.

Can Conventional Approaches Clean Dirty and Smelly Soft Contents?

Barriers to adequate management of dirty and ill-smelling household contents are obvious when using traditional washing machines and other equipment. The size and construction of many items prevent use of ordinary washers and dryers. Detergents and additives available to consumers do not remove all soiling reliably. Mold and mildew removal is a significant obstacle, with bleach products frequently the only available answer despite issues with colorfastness and deterioration of fibers. Products marketed to remove smells unfortunately fall short, perhaps masking malodors for a limited time.

How Does Esporta Technology Improve Outcomes?

The Esporta Wash System works in a revolutionary way as compared to the equipment homeowners purchase for routine fabric cleaning. Most consumer washing machines use agitation in an attempt to remove dirt, stains, and residues. Water becomes dirty as it swirls in the washing drum, and the particles can grind into the fibers rather than disengage. In stark contrast, the Esporta Wash System:

  • Leverages hydraulic pressure rather than agitation to loosen and remove the dirt, grease, grime, and pathogens (including mildews and molds)
  • Cycles out the soiled water to avoid re-contaminating the articles
  • Operates only after a certified technician selects appropriate cycles and proprietary detergents using a research-based and computer-assisted model
  • Loads and secures soft contents into cages large enough for bulky items

Contact the experts at Certified Fabric Restoration of New England (CFRNE) before tossing out damaged soft contents. Restoration is possible when you call 603-943-7153.