Does Anyone Have a Real Solution to Clean Moldy Clothing in Nashua?

Certified Fabric Restoration of New England (CFRNE) Uses the Esporta Wash System to Help Nashua Residents Remove Mold from Clothes

Mold spores are everywhere, waiting for just a bit of water to fuel their life cycle. As long as they have the moisture and an organic surface upon which to grow, they can infest a wide range of articles. Fabrics are vulnerable to mold growth, including many household items and clothing, when dampness persists more than 24 to 48 hours.

How Does Clothing Get Moldy?

Residents in Nashua struggling with mold damaged clothing might wonder why these items are so susceptible to the microbial growth. Floods, leaks, appliance malfunctions, spills, and even high humidity levels provide the moisture mold spores need to multiply. How do these conditions impact your and your family’s clothing?

  • Clothing left on the floor absorb accidental spills 
  • Hampers or baskets hold dirty, damp laundry for days before laundering
  • Washed laundry is left in the machine without prompt drying
  • Flooding from storms or appliance malfunctions can soak clothing anywhere including in storage, dressers, and closets
  • Sport and fitness bags retain the sweat and moisture in work-out clothing, perhaps accompanied by damp towels

Why Is the Esporta Better at Cleaning Moldy Clothing?

The unique design and operation of this innovative machine mean CFRNE can remove contaminants, including microorganisms such as mold. Because clothing contacts the skin of your loved ones, it is crucial that the action of the specialized washing system eliminates both the mold and its musty odor. How does the Esporta deliver this result?

Hydraulic Action

Avoiding the agitation of a conventional washing machine, the Esporta features chambers inside a rotating drum. Clothing secured in the chambers has water moving through the fabrics repeatedly, but without the abrasion experienced when clothing is rubbed and squeezed.

Proprietary Detergents and Computerized Cleaning Cycles

The training our Esporta certified technicians receive is second to none. Also, the system supports the operator with access to individualized computerized cycle selection and the use of appropriately matched detergents and water mixtures. No bleach is used, preventing spotting and unwanted lightening.

Food-Grade Clean

As the Esporta completes the selected cycle, 90 percent or more of the clothing emerges not merely clean, but food-grade clean. Levels of mold and other contaminants become essentially non-existent, permitting the clothing to return to your wardrobe, ready to wear.

The skilled crew at Certified Fabric Restoration of New England (CFRNE) is eager to return your moldy clothes to their previous appearance, comfort, and function. Call 603-943-7153 to discuss your options with our highly-qualified team.

Click here for more information about Nashua.

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