Community Commitment Working Both Ways: Cleaning Firefighter Field Uniforms and PPE With the Esporta Wash System in Nashua

The Nashua community appreciates the efforts and sacrifices of our firefighters. First responders facing the flames, heat, smoke, soot, and poor air quality require the most up-to-date and efficient breakout gear available. The expenditure made to protect the fire department team is worth every cent. To join in as a community partner, we support both the fire crews and the municipal coffers with our state-of-the-art soft and specialized material washing system.

Balancing Monetary Investment with Civic Responsibility

Highest-quality municipal fire gear cleaning for Nashua first responders is imperative. On the one hand, the cost of the investment in superior-grade equipment made by the city government is substantial.The average cost of a turnout gear fabricated from fire-resistant Nomex-Kevlar material is about $1900.00  On the other hand, the dedication and professionalism of the fire department personnel are unequaled. Without a doubt, the proper balance is struck. Failure to maintain the life and property-saving capability of the fire breakout gear destroys the equilibrium, exposing firefighters and citizens to unacceptable risks. With budget cuts the norm for local towns, our techniques and Esporta equipment can extend the useful life of this gear for better allocation of municipal expenditures. 

Fire Residues Endanger People and Structures

The Esporta Wash System provided by Certified Fabric Restoration of New England assists our municipality to deliver essential firefighting efforts while protecting the men and women who respond. Residential and commercial fires damage not only with heat and flames, but they also create incredibly toxic smoke and residues. Building materials and contents begin deteriorating immediately because of the corrosive nature of the smoke and soot. Air quality plummets. Occupants and firefighters must avoid the fumes and airborne and settled debris. Property owners evacuate while the fire crews don personal protective equipment (PPE) to work in affected areas.

Well-Maintained Equipment Ensures Everyone’s Health and Welfare

The residues deposited on surfaces and contents during and after fires naturally coat the PPE breakout gear worn by firefighters. If this health and life-saving equipment is not cleaned thoroughly, it cannot uphold its side of the balance. The unique hydraulic pressure employed by our Esporta Wash System pairs with the computerized protocols our certified technicians follow for proprietary detergents and disinfectants. This combination ensures that after cleaning, our local fire department has food-grade clean gear, including helmets, hoods, masks, turnouts coats, gloves, turnout pants, boots, and self-contained breathing apparatus. Abrasive methods and volatile chemical-laden cleaning products are unnecessary when the community entrusts firefighting gear cleanup to our innovative equipment and skilled employees.     

Community partnership with Certified Fabric Restoration of New England means municipal disaster response services continue safely and efficiently without additional equipment expense. Call 603-943-7153 for an evaluation of what our Esporta Wash System can do for your emergency.

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