Can It Be Too Late to Remove Smoke Smells from Soft Contents in a Merrimack Home?

Consult with the Experts at Certified Fabric Restoration of New England (CFRNE) Before Start the New Year Tossing Out Smoky-Smelling Clothes or Furnishings in Merrimack

It happens every fall when with the kindling of the first blaze in your Merrimack fireplace. No one checks the damper, and the room fills with smoke. Cushions, throws, and rugs retain the smoky odor, not precisely the ambiance you hope for during cozy nights in front of the now well-drafted fire.

Is There an Answer for Repeated Closed Damper Incidents Over the Years?

Fall and winter are busy times, and smoke odor removal is down Merrimack homeowners’ lists. What was a subtle smell grows with intensity, and you face the embarrassment of inviting family and friends to a family or living room unpleasantly scented. Rather than trashing your decor and buying new at a time when your finances are stretched, save your cash and check out our unique odor removing options.

How Do Smoke Odors Embed in Soft Items?

Once you learn how smoke makes a home in your clothing and furnishings, it is easier to understand why the Esporta Wash System used by CFRNE is effective. Smoke comprises vapors, gasses, and solid particles known as soot. Soot is the issue in lingering malodors:

  • Soot particles are the incompletely combusted but chemically changed and charged materials a fire used for fuel.
  • These minute bits of carbonized fuel carry the smoke odor.
  • The particles are tiny, but when viewed through a microscope, they are jagged and sharp.
  • When they deposit on soft items, the particles grind their way below the surface, tangling with fibers and moving into the padding, hauling the smells deep into items. 

Why Is the Esporta System a Better Choice than Conventional Washing Machines for Smoke Removal?

Traditional washing machines do not have the capacity for large and oddly-shaped soft items. The agitation action pushes the soot particles further into the contents, and the rough edges of the soot damage materials. The Esporta Wash System, operated by CFRNE’s trained technicians, can hold and secure bulky items as well as smaller articles. Instead of twisting and rubbing, the hydraulic pressure of specially-selected water and proprietary detergent solution moves continuously through your soiled and smelly possessions. Wave-like pulses gently loosen and eventually remove the soot particles altogether. No soot would mean no smell, even if the original soot arrived a few “first fire” seasons ago.
Start the New Year off right by banishing malodors with Certified Fabric Restoration of New England (CFRNE)’s Esporta Wash System. Contact us at 603-943-7153 to schedule an evaluation of your smoke odor removal needs.