Can a Neglected Wedding Ensemble Regain Its Original Glory?

Nashua’s Certified Fabric Restoration of New England (CFRNE) Uses the Esporta System to Clean Special Occasion Outfits, Readying Restored Garments for Long Term Secure Storage

Preparing for weddings creates a whirlwind of shopping, fittings, showers, and rehearsals, finally capped off with the ceremony itself. It comes as no surprise that many Nashua brides walk away from their perfect dress without a second thought after the exhausting buildup and the chaos of the wedding day. When merely hung in a closet or folded into a box, the gorgeous gown can suffer from accelerated deterioration because it was not cleaned and stored professionally. 

Can You Clean Your Wedding Dress Adequately at Home?

Recommendations for professional garment restoration focus on Nashua brides who rarely have experience cleaning and preserving the delicate and often intricately sewn and decorated fabrics and underpinnings of a wedding dress. Conventional washing machines cannot accommodate the multiple layers, trains, padding, and rigid structures used in these elegant dresses. Beads, sequins, embroidery, and other decorative features cannot endure the agitation and spinning of the wash and rinse cycles.  

What Causes Wedding Gowns to Stain, Discolor, and Disintegrate?

Even though a wedding dress is worn for just a few hours, there are myriad ways the fabric, decorations, and accessories can become dirty and prone to damage. Failure to remove residues before storage can result in fabrics yellowing and spotting. Weakening, tearing, and unraveling can occur as the fabrics, thread, embellishments, and fasteners react and deteriorate because of exposure to the following substances:

  • Bodily fluids like sweat, tears, and oils
  • Makeup, lotions and creams, and hair products
  • Deodorants or antiperspirants 
  • Powders and perfumes
  • Food and drink, even if blotted or wiped off
  • Grass stains, furniture polish, and candle wax
  • Moisture from various sources

Are Dry Cleaners an Appropriate Alternative for Wedding Attire Maintenance?

Harsh and malodorous dry cleaning chemicals are not optimal for wedding garment restoration, especially when CFRNE offers the unique Esporta wash system. The Esporta washer’s spacious cages hold even bulky and oddly shaped garments and accessories stable during cleaning. Our certified technicians use computerized protocols to select the proper detergents and cycle progressions to remove soiling successfully without harming fabrics, padding, embroidery, or other decorative features. Hydraulic pressure gently but repeatedly forces the water and detergent mixture through the garment until the achievement of food-grade cleanliness. After drying, technicians carefully store the dress, veil, jacket, or other associated items in specially crafted garment bags to protect the refreshed bridal outfit for the long term.

Is It Ever Too Late to Rescue “Forgotten” Garments?

Unlike other clothing pieces worn frequently or at least seasonally, a wedding dress is packed permanently away as a reminder of an unforgettable day. Failure to use the proper protocol to clean and store the dress and its veil, train, and shrug or jacket leads to consequences that might not surface for decades. Pulling a poorly prepared and stored wedding dress from the back of a closet or container to consider its use for a daughter, niece, or granddaughter can deliver disappointment instead of joy if damage occurred. Before relinquishing the dream of your beautiful dress finding new life as an heirloom choice for another bride, contact CFRNE. Our talented workers can plan an intervention using the Esporta Wash System to return the dress and accessories to nearly new condition. 
Clean and protect the wedding garments that mean so much to you and memorialize a significant life event. Take advantage of the efficient and effective Esporta Wash System offered by Certified Fabric Restoration of New England (CFRNE). Call 603-943-7153 for a consultation.