A Fresh Start for Nashua Sports Equipment: Esporta Cleaning

Whatever your sports passion, our Nashua team is ready to join forces to clean a broad range of equipment, footwear, and uniforms with our state of the art technology. Opening your own or your child’s sports bag reveals the problem to both your eyes and your nose. Bodily fluids, microorganisms, plus the dirt and grime from the rink, diamond, court, field, or track combine into a malodorous and potentially hazardous mix. 

Challenging to Clean Articles: Our Specialty

Before suiting up, Nashua athletes need sports equipment cleaning regularly. Barriers to household washing of all the protective equipment worn during practice, matches, and games include the characteristics of the materials used. Hard and soft plastic, padding, synthetic and organic fabrics, rubber, silicone, metal, and leather can all be found in typical protective gear. The articles can be oversized and stiff. A conventional washing machine is often not large enough to handle the items without causing damage to both the washer and the sports equipment. The agitation and submersion used by traditional washing machines can abrade and break down the materials. 

Esporta Cleaning Reduces Exposure to Hazardous Pathogens

Certified Fabric Restoration of New England commits to reducing levels of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens in the sports gear we clean, in addition to ridding the equipment of dirt and staining. Athletes practice and play hard, and the blood, sweat, and tears that punctuate the work, wins, and losses saturate sports equipment, creating an environment conducive to the growth of microorganisms. At best, the pathogens cause odor; at worst, they can lead to the possibility of severe skin and other infections.

Line Up the Esporta Wash System

Adding the Esporta Wash System to our roster opens up a whole new way of meeting our region’s sport and leisure activity cleaning needs. The rotating cages of the Esporta can secure even awkwardly sized or shaped items, and leather and padded articles are washable using this system. Rather than the twisting and squeezing of ordinary washing machines, hydraulic action uses the pressure of the water mixed with pH neutral proprietary detergents to remove all types of contaminants from sports equipment. After proper programming by our certified technician, the cycles selected deliver the sports equipment back to “food grade” clean.

Certified Fabric Restoration of New England takes on your toughest sports equipment jobs, returning them fresh, clean, and pathogen-free. Call 603-943-7153 to discuss individual solutions or equipment cleaning for the whole squad.

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