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Certified Fabric Restoration of New England

Restoring Your Textiles and Fabric after Mold, Fire, Smoke and Flood Damage



Soft Contents Restoration for Nashua, NH, Merrimack, NH Concord, MA Marlborough, MA, Acton, MA

We restore clothing, fabric, textiles and other soft contents that have been damaged by fire, smoke and water.

Fire and Smoke Damaged Clothing

If you have clothing, drapes, rugs curtains and other soft materials that need restored from fire and smoke damage, we care your certified fabric and textile restoration station in the New England area.


Water, Flood and Mold Damage

We can professionally restore and bring life back to garments from your wardrobe damaged by the effects of a flood can be professionally cleaned to almost a like new condition.


Esporta Washing Systems

 We use the Esporta Wash System for all textile and soft contents cleaning after a fire or water damage. This technology with the capability of cleaning to food grade level.


Restoring all types of fabric, textiles and clothing

Call us for your clothing textile and soft contents cleaning after a fire or water damage. Have your wardrobe, textiles and other fabrics restored after flood, fire or mold. Refresh and restoration of your luxury fabrics. Insurance does pay for clothing restoration after most fires and floods. We also service and clean firefighter gear, sporting equipment and more. Learn More. 

We are proud to serve Nashua, New Hampshire and outlying areas with the most professional fabric and clothing restoration team in New England

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We Restore More Than Just Clothes, Drapes and Curtains

Our Commitment to You When it Comes to Restoring Your Textiles, Fabrics and Wardrobe

Wash Process

The Esporta iS4000. Soft items, porous and prone to hold the smell and residues of a fire, have always been a challenge to clean, sanitize, and deodorize appropriately. We have many strategies at our disposal, but if the soot, smoke and heat damage are too severe, some articles will regretfully need disposal.

More than just damaged clothes

We recover and clean items from your damaged home like textiles, mass amounts of laundry luggage, shoes or boots and purses and handbags Heirloom products including quilts and tapestries. We can restore fur and natural leather. Stuffed animals and dolls, and sports equipment.

Handle with Care

We respect and treat all your items with care and respect. We only want you to be satisfied 100% We understand that some of your items may have great sentimental value. From wedding dresses to gowns to antique fabrics, we inspect, separate and handle your damaged contents as if it was ours.

Fresh and Clean

We bring your items back to you better condition. From sports equipment to fire damaged wardrobes, our commitment is to make sure you are satisfied. As a restoration company, we understand what’s most important to you – fast service, specialized care, and accurate results.

Does property – homeowners insurance cover fabric and clothing restoration?

Smoke problems after having a fireplace, and mold after having a flood, poses severe health risks to your family. In the case of partial fires or flooding in your home, smoke damage and dampness are often responsible for much of the damage done to your personal belongings. Smoke particles, in particular, can spread long after the fire, while mold thrives on building materials, furniture, and clothing affected by flooding. It becomes harder to repair smoke damage over time, and your insurance company should act quickly to successfully restore the contents in your home.

As part of your home insurance coverage, the cost of replacing Private House / Contents shed to a flame or flood drops to the insurance company. They may be able to save a significant amount of money on your claim if they can successfully restore contents damaged by smoke or dampness. The insurer does have the right to attempt to restore your belongings to their pre-loss state, but there are a few things you should know about the restoration of contents.

Can bulk clothing, fabric and rugs be fixed after a fire or flood?

Restoration is a highly-specialized cleaning process by which damaged fabric items such as clothing, draperies and bedding are restored to their pre-catastrophe condition.

Why did My Insurance Company Recommended Certified Fabric Restoration of NE ?

Your insurance company may recommend to restore your materials because they have confidence in our ability to help you through this process. Our commitment to customer service and quality work has made us an industry leader for nearly 20 years.

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